sasha (thunter_x_fan48) wrote in theacademykids,

because janaki told me to

a few of us are hosting an academy bonfire!! okay, well maybe without the fire--but the point is that we wanted a non-academic/academy space to chillax, barbecue, sing, listen to reggae, strum guitars, read poety, sleep, be hippies in general, etc. there were some similar things brewing over the year, but now is definately a time to make them happen. here's the deal:

union park- manchester
saturday june 17th
12 pm - whenever you want

? sound good ?

those of you who read this, please recruit EVERY academy kid you can get in touch with. spread the-word--- all denizens of le c/w dept. (ESPECIALLY) should come fo sho.

anyway, bring tons of friends! bring food! being cameras! journals! whatever you wantttt-- and spread the word. its "ours"-- so no invitations required. the only qualification is prior or present enrollment at GHAA, or general academy-esqueness (exceptions based on your discretion), and bearers of the bread---> we'll need some help with the food issue-- someone needs to be willing to pick up grub from any take-out place---and everyone should bring food anyway.

ya'll must let me know if you'll come, and who is coming with you.


janaki @ myspace/lj
aim- indianruleress
or call here: 860-335-8856

or anna @
aim- klutzee punk

you best come! and bring your buddies. and if you have any other suggestions, PLEASE let me know.

this is tentative, and will go down based on the downness of the people. are you down? we'll reconfirm once we have a somewhat concrete plan, and we can get down.
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